Let’s Talk Cannabis

Let’s Talk Cannabis Santa Barbara County is a cannabis education campaign developed by the California Department of Public Health in an effort to help Californians safely, legally and responsibly navigate our state’s adult-use marijuana landscape. We work to stay up to date with cannabis and our kids' health and safety - and provide that information to the residents of Santa Barbara County.

The campaign primarily focuses on educating two target groups:

  1. Youth and their parents

  2. Pregnant and breastfeeding women

There is current information that indicates that cannabis use during these life stages may have negative health outcomes. See below for more info.

Let’s Talk Cannabis videos


Learn more: phdcannabis@sbcphd.org



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What Parents and Mentors Need to Know about Cannabis

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Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women and Cannabis

Youth and Cannabis.png

Youth and Cannabis



Lo que Padres y Educadores deben Saber sobre la Marihuana.png

Lo que Padres y Educadores deben Saber sobre la Marihuana

Marihuana durante el Embarazo y la Lactancia.png

Marihuana durante el Embarazo y la Lactancia

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Los Jóvenes y la Marihuana